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PMP lab

Performance Measurement &
Management in Professions 

The purpose of PMP lab is to contribute to explore Performance Measurement and Management (PMM) in complex professional organizations, providing conceptual and taxonomic foundations to bridge the gap between research and practice. PMP lab wants to close this gap through Evidence-based Management. Research not always focuses on relevant issues to practitioners, which, in turn, not always use scientifically-proved practices.

For this reason, PMP lab accumulates evidences that are supported by the best scientific evidence and organizes information into accessible and intuitive formats related to the practice of PMM. Broad and integrative research synthesis can answer many big questions about the how, when, where, and why of relationships between PMM practices and outcomes.


Via Cinthia,
C.sso M.S.Angelo
80126 - Naples, Italy


Email:               Ph. +39 081 675268